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    Tyler Howell

    Hello all!

    I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the Framework members and pass along some interesting content I came across this week. My name is Tyler Howell and I am an engineer and investor in Charlotte, NC. I am a new member going through the Framework courses.

    I ran across a podcast episode on The Knowledge Project, which is the podcast ran by Shane Parrish at Farnam Street (fantastic blog), in which he interviewed Michael Mauboussin. It is a very interesting conversation that I think members of this site would enjoy and possibly find useful. URL below:


    I recalled that some of his work is included in the valuation Launchpad course. Enjoy!

    All the best,

    Tyler G. Howell, PE


    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself and for the link to the Mauboussin interview. I'm a big fan of his and am interested in a lot of the topics he is, it seems like.

    All the best,

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