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    Hi Carey,

    Thanks for the note. Good suggestions. The dividend field is in column I already, though I have not included the ex-dividend date in the Covered Call Corner sheet, from which all these data are copied. I have been using the monitor just to consolidate data from successive CCCs and to keep up with realized and unrealized profits on open positions, not to make decisions about which investments to initiate. It might seem a little strange, but I'll go into each of the CCCs, update prices and dates there, and decide whether or not to execute on the put or call side, then making notes about actual execution values in the Monitor. It's a bit unwieldy, I admit, but I think that, as you point out, the Monitor is such a large sheet, it's hard to isolate the most important data to make a decision.

    I'll add the dividend date into the CCC file this month, though, and will copy that over to the monitor as well…

    All the best,

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