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Options and Managing Risk

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Our video lessons are from 3-7 minutes long and home in on the topic at hand with laser focus. These intuitive insights get you up to speed quickly.

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Our courses are a great tool for new graduates to build on their academic studies and gain a professional’s intuition about options and risk control.

Boost Your Knowledge

Back- and middle-office employees, buy-side traders, and portfolio managers will gain new and valuable insight into the mechanics of the option market.

Real-World Training

Taking a financial engineering class in school or passing a certification exam only takes you so far. Want to really understand options? We’ll teach you.

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Framework Investing’s Director of Training, Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, is a seasoned option professional and the author of The Intelligent Option Investor (2014, McGraw-Hill). You can learn more about his book and his work by visiting our sister site,

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