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Wake up to the amazing power and flexibility of option investing with Framework's Fundamental Bundle! We simplify the complexities so you can gain insights and make confident investment decisions. Buy now and receive a free copy of Erik's book. Start your journey to financial mastery today! 

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Framework's Fundamental Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about what options are, how they are priced, and how the market works.

Option Basics MMM

Option Basics

Learn to view options and stocks as "ranges of exposure," demystify option terminology, and understand Put-Call Parity pricing and the perspectives of market players.

Option Basics

Option Pricing

Decode pricing screens effortlessly, understand the assumptions driving option prices, and uncover investment opportunities with concise, intuitive, visual learning.

Option Basics

Market Mechanics

Gain insights into options expiration cycles, settlement, and market dynamics, including the impact of key players like market makers and high-frequency traders.

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Intro to Options MMM

Intro to Options

Empower yourself, explore options' rich history and learn to see them for what they are: peerlessly flexible financial tools. Elevate your financial game and embrace options as your strategic ally!